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Mech BasicsEdit

Mechs are the primary vehicles of the MechAssault and MechWarrior games, with most gameplay taking place almost entirely within the Mechs. The only exception to this being MechAssault 2, in which you could exit your Mech to pilot other vehicles. BattleMechs can weigh between 40 - 100 tonnes, and can travel at speeds anywhere from 20 - 45 MP/H (30 - 70 KM/h)

MechAssault BattleMechsEdit

The following is a list of all Mechs available in MechAssault. Both the main chassis and its variant are shown.

Main Chassis Design Variant Chassis Design
Ragnarok Ymir*
Atlas Prometheus





Mad Cat

Timber Wolf




Kit Fox




Mad Dog



  • Only available through local and LAN multiplayer
  • One thing to know is that some of the Mechs' introduced in MechAssault 2 were already present in the original MechAssault (like Hellbringer and Corvus). They were available as downloadable content.

MechAssault 2 New MechsEdit

MechAssault 2 mechs

Entire list of Vehicles in MA2: LW

Main Chassis Design Variant Chassis Design
Blood Asp Star Adder
Corvus Raven
Raptor Stiletto


Nova Cat Wendigo

MechAssault 2 - Other VehiclesEdit

In MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf the player is also able to pilot the following other vehicles:

  • BattleArmor
  • Elemental
  • Rhommel Tank Mk. II
  • VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing)
  • POV Defense Turrets


  • The fastest Mech to date is the Owens/Hackman, both in MechAssault and Lone Wolf, with a max speed of 45 Mph.
  • The Uziel/Belial is the fastest Mech of the medium battle Mechs, with a max speed of 30 Mph.
  • The Catapult/Bowman is the slowest of the Heavy (Medium in MA) traveling no faster then the assault Mechs at 20 Mph.
  • The Loki is the only heavy Mech that has Null Signature.
  • The Raptor is the only medium Mech that has Null Signature
  • The Nova Cat has the most Lasers to a single Mech, totaling 5.
  • The Blood Asp/Star Adder is the only Mech to use the Plasma PPC (not including the Spider Mech boss)
  • The Ragnarok/Ymir is the only Mech to use the Lava Gun

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