Gauss Rifle

Gauss Rifle

Gauss Rifle
Medium to Long
Heat Factor:
Reload Time:
Moderate to High
Lock On:
Weapons Set


The Gauss Rifle fires a very heavy piece of metal at very high velocity. This means high impact damage, the shells however, do not explode, meaning no splash damage. At long distances the Gauss Rifle is easily the best weapon to use. Being able to travel faster then both the Javelin Missile and the PPC cannon, the Gauss Rifle was built for long range engagements. This long range domination means nothing at close range, slow reload times make it unsuitable for Mechs that can fight back at close ranges. The Gauss Rifle does possess a tracking ability, however it is only effective over medium to long ranges. It is not seen in sets more then 2 per Mech and only 1 on the Hackman Scout Mech.

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