Primary Weapon:
2x Pulse Lasers
Secondary Weapon:
2x Javelin Missile (LRM's)
Tertiary Weapon:
1x Auto-Cannon
MA: None MA2: Anti-Missile System
Max Speed:
40 Mph/ 64 Km/h
Mech Variant:

"Major, I have some good news. I managed to take parts from some of the heavier 'Mechs to fix the Cougar scout Mech." - Lt. Foster.

"Wait you took parts from the heavy 'Mechs to fix the light 'Mech?!" - Major Natalia.


The Cougar scout 'Mech is a cost-efficient Light 'Mech available on the battlefield. It is also the most underestimated - MechWarriors tend to prefer its cousin - the Puma. The Cougar is fast and manuverable. Being outfitted with Jump-Jets, it can fly to high ground without having to "take the stairs". The Cougar's biggest advantage is its balance between offensive capabilities and its agile evasive countermeasures.


The Dual Javelin LRM's featured on the Cougar are it's biggest firepower asset. At long-range encounters, the Cougar provides fire-support. At close-range, its dual Pulse Lasers provide direct firepower. The Auto-Cannon is an efficient weapon that'll increase the overall lifetime of the Mech.

The pulse lasers happen to be nerfed in MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf, however. In this game, the Cougar sacrifices power for heat management, as the lasers fire in an alternative pattern (one laser cannon fires first, then another) instead of the usual stream of light.


As with all Scout-Class Mechs, the Cougar is fast, has a small profile, and like the majority of Light Mechs, also has access to Jump-Jets. The Cougar is equipped with a point defense Anti-Missile System (AMS), which sends out a bolt of energy that destroys most missile projectiles (exceptions being the Mortar and the POV missile).


  • The Cougar is the first Mech available to players in MechAssault.
  • As to the above, the Cougar can also be the first Mech available to use in MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf, if the players opts to use it instead of the Uller.
  • The Wolf Dragoons' trademark Mech is the Cougar.
  • As seen on the disk cover, the Cougar has a unused PPC, which makes it one of two mechs, the other being the Ragnorok, to have 4 weapons.