MA: Medium MA2: Heavy
Primary Weapon:
4x Pulse Laser
Secondary Weapon:
4x Javelin Missile (LRM's)
MA: None MA2:Reflective Armor Shielding
Max Speed:
20 Mph/ 32 Km/h
Mech Variant:


The Catapult is the slowest Mech in the Heavy class, having a top speed of 20 Mph, the Catapult is slow, and not very manuverable. To make up for this, the Catapult has the longest lasting JumpJets in both of the MechAssault games, being able to fly for well over 10 seconds. The Catapult only comes equiped with 2 weapon sets, Energy and Missiles. Carrying quad Pulse Lasers for close range engagements and quad Javelin Missiles for long range fights. The Catapult should be viewed as a support Mech and not used in direct engagements with other Mechs. Very good as artillery or sniping with the rockets, the pulse lasers can be used when the jump jets are being used at close range to take advantage of it's long air time.


Carrying a quad set of Pulse Lasers, the Catapult should be feared at close range being able to unleash devistating fire power in a quick period. More so when the Pulse Lasers are upgraded. Be warned of overheating issues with continued fire of the Pulse Lasers, and to improve cool-down, pilot the Mech in water. At long range, the Catapult has a quad pack of Javelin Missiles, being able to damage enemies over very far ranges, it is suggested that using the missiles at long range and the Mech it's self as fire support for better or more suited Mechs that can engage the enemy directly. Again, be warned of over heating issues with the Javelin Missiles, over heating can be achieved in less then 5 salvo's of missiles.


The Catapult has the title of longest lasting JumpJets, use the ability to fly for prolonged periods to fly up and over enemies, and for reaching areas a Mech with out JumpJets could not. It's long range missile packs should also be viewed as defensive due to longer reload times. The Catapult was designed for fire support not head-to-head fighting.


  • The WoB second in command referred to as "The Blake Silver" by Foster could have been in a Catapult Mech when the MechWarrior destroyed the entire convoy that the WoB silver was being transported in.
  • The Catapult has the same top speed as the Prometheus and Atlas assault Mechs.