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Battle Armor


Battle Armor
Primary Weapon:
1x Pulse Laser
Secondary Weapon:
1x Mortar
Neuro-Hack, Climbing Claw
Max Speed:
10 Mph/16 Km/h
Mech Variant:


The Battle Armor is the highlight of MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf. It is similar to the Elemental. In the original MechAssault, the Elemental is actually referred to as BattleArmor or PowerArmor. The Battle Armor has several new features unique to MechAssault 2. It is capable of neuro-hacking a mech, climbing up walls, using jumpjets, and hitching rides on VTOL's and friendly players Mechs. The Battle Armor is always your starting armor in Multiplayer (unless playing a team based game, like Team Destruction or Base War).


The BattleArmor carries a single Pulse Laser that is fired from the cannon on the right 'arm' of the suit. It also caries a Mortar Launcher, that is fired from the mount on the left 'shoulder of the armor. Lastly, the claw on the left 'arm' is considered a weapon, as it allows neurohacking into non-friendly Mechs. Also the claw can be used to climb man-made structures (large walls and buildings).


VTOL battlearmor

The BattleArmor riding on a VTOL.

The Battle Armor was developed by Lt. Foster from information he retrieved from the Armor data core the MechWarrior found on Helios from their captured Ragnarok mech. It was first used on the planet Dante when the MechWarrior and his two companions, Major Natalia and Lieutenant Foster were under attack by the Word Of Blake. Not having enough firepower, they decided to use the Battle Armor even when Lt. Foster expressed his concern that the Battle Armor wasn't ready yet and it could fry the MechWarrior. The first level of the game is training the player on how to use the battle armor.


The Battle Armor is capable of hacking another Mech. All the pilot has to do is jump near the Mech and press A to grab on and begin Neurohacking. Once neurohacking begins, a series of code apears on both players' screen and they must press the same buttons they see in the code. Whoever finishes faster wins. In multiplayer, The pilot of the Mech being hacked only must use the A, B, X, and Y buttons to resist the hack and throw the BattleArmor of the back of the mech. The pilot of the Battle Armor must use the left and right triggers as well as the A, B, X, and Y buttons. The Battle Armor can also be thrown off the Mech if the Mech activates Reflective, Reactive, or Advanced Armor shielding.

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